first try

first try

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get It Right!

I just saw in "The Horse" a bike with a "CRAZY FRANK" rear fender. The ass-hat that wrote the article claimed they are made of fiberglass. And then proceeded to tell everyone who didn't know about them to brush up on their chopper history. I showed this to "The Butcher" at the shop and his blood pressure blasted off the chart.
Off he stormed into the dungeon and .....bang, crash, boom.....a couple cuss words later and he comes up with a REAL "CRAZY FRANK" fender. And its steel!!!!!

He claims he's got a few of 'em around....says he's even got one on his old fishing boat he uses as a boat anchor!!!!
Ol' Wubbzey never ceases to amaze me......

Can you dig it?

Two weeks ago it was trikes. Now Wubbzey shows up with a swingarm digger. Cool old shovelhead, but..... The Butcher says we're gonna tear it apart and piece it out. Is nothing sacred?

Wubbzey says "anybody can build 'em.
It takes a real man to chop 'em up!"

Guess thats why he's "The Butcher".... 


It's been a while but the"Slaying Mantis" is done and we'll have a bunch of pics up soon.

Wubbzey was cleaning out the kitchen and came up with a few relics. We think he needs to clean it out more often!


I don't know what's been going on around here lately, but....these killer trikes have started to show up at the shop. I suppose we are gonna sell 'em, however, they are a blast to ride and the blue one has seating for 3! Now you can putt around with your wife and your girlfriend!