first try

first try

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Too Legit To Quit

Back in the 80's "Jonny Legit" built this wicked ride. Jonny's not with us anymore, but his scoot still is. We're gonna put it back together and keep it around as a shop bike. Even "The Butcher" says, there are some things that you don't cut up.
Check out the molded frame, diamond plate oil tank/air dam, prism gas tank and the super rare, angular, Crazy Frank fender!

"We Don't follow trends....we make 'em"
Jonny Legit       EFMC


After a  couple hours wrestling with a wire wheel. Sucking up aircraft stripper fumes. Cussing and complaining. Tony found a revolutionary way to remove old enamel paint from a gas tank painted in the 70's.....

Don't try this at home......Or anywhere else for that matter. Not without proper safety equipment and a case of Stag beer.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Our man Tony sat down with a Hanes Beefy T, a Sharpie and a 6 pack of Stag and created this stylish clothing line. The height of fashion and comfort. You too could own a TonyStone original for only $10 plus shipping and handling. Shirts are individually done and no two are alike. They come complete with oil and grease stains and have that genuine "Tony" musk..... Don't be a pussy, look and smell like a real man.  
contact us for availability...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Far East

Some say the Japs are ahead of the curve/trends in the chopper world right now. Tony found this shot, takin at a Tokyo bike show.............. I say they're just starting to figure out what its all about..... De-Rake - STL style!
now put a chain on it and ride.............if you can see over the tank.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Davenport part 1

Wubbzey and I were both in Davenport. He was just arriving as I was leaving (I had a prior engagement on Sat. I couldn't get out of). However, we both had an amazing time. Next year we're both goin' for the full weekend. Too much fun, too much cool stuff and too many cool people to not make it back. Put it on your calendar as a "not-to-miss" event. This is just a sample of some treasures, more to come....

Beauty and the beastly

Our buddy Hammer shows up with this slick wishbone frame wrapped up like some secret treasure. It's freshly coated in a deep, beautiful blue. Molded and georgous. Wubbzey says were gonna put this back together for an old friend of his. Pan motor, springer.....This is gonna be one great looking "BONESHAKER."  

they don't call him the butcher for nothin'...
We bring in one beautiful bike to assemble and Wubbzey shows up with an old, pan shovel to tear apart.
Almost brings a tear to your eye......


Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Ross Sisters

OK......since we're posting videos. And I havn't included any hot chicks lately. Here's a little gem for ya'...
...starts gettin' freaky at about 2:20

Liquid Illusions

Check this out. Our friend Darren Williams, from Liquid Illusions shot this at a show here in the STL. Check his shit out....another uber-talented dude. 

Where's our Helmet

Our resident old-timer, Helmet, has gone missing. This is the only photo I've got (he's on the left). This was taken in the mid 60"s...


Blue Eyed Devil - Version 2.0

Our man Tony blasted up to Chicago last weekend to dodge potholes and split lanes with the Bravetown crew. There's something about pipes echoing off skyscrapers that can't be beat. Anyway, he's such a nice gentleman, he fabbed up a longer fender, added a bitch seat  and a sissy bar, just to haul his ol' lady around the Windy City. He's such a nice guy, and, she's a gem of a gal to hump that fender without complaint.

 Heres a couple completed shots and a video our man Rich Phillips shot one night while Tony was contemplating the necessity of actually running a brake light. Enjoy the soundtrack. That's Tony singing and playin' guitar in his band "SparkThugs" on the video soundtrack. 


It's been a whirlwind of a summer.It's about time to get out the leather. You can smell fall in the air...Ok, maybe that's weed. 

Anyway.... The Slaying Mantis is finally finished. It's got a couple thousand miles on it now and running better than ever. Got a write up in the local rag "Biking Life", nice little article. Was a winner at "The Horse - Backstreet Choppers" show in Sturgis. Jordan shot a few pics for the rag. Should be on newsstands soon. Big thanks to George The Painter. Cool dude with a rightous shovel, and he rides the piss outta that guy.

GTP's Shovel
 Also thanks go out to Millwaukee Mike from "Cycle Source" magazine. met him in Sturgis as well and we later got together up in Davenport Ia. He shot the Mantis for a feature in Cycle Source. Don't know when that one's coming out but you'll be the first to know if you're following this blog. Here's some shots in its travel attire.