first try

first try

Monday, August 27, 2012

Smoke Out 13 Winner!!!

Ok.... I've been holding onto some pics of Brian's bike until it made the magazine stands. Purely out of respect..... well low and behold it pops up on "The Horse Backstreet Choppers" blog site. I guess it's fair game now. Their pics are far better than my camera phone shots I took at the Smoke-Out, so I'm freely admitting I borrowed these two from The Horse. That said... Brian built a super wicked bike and took home the Chop-Off trophy.

 As cool as that was....Just hanging out for 3 days with Brian and his wife was even better. Class guy and a walking party.    Man whatta weekend!


Darren Williams (Liquid Illusions) on the left and Brian Elliott (Black Sunshine Customs) on the right..... Lovely couple 'eh.       They make beautiful music together!      Cheers fellas!!!

Davenport, Iowa

We're riding up on Wed. night to the coolest swap meet going! If you havn't owe it to yourself. Starts thurs. morning. Early bird gets the worm.....bla, bla, bla.... The second rat gets the cheese!!!! Anyway....Stop by and say high at the "ROADWORTHY" tent. I'm sure we'll  have something you cannot live without.     Friday night are the vintage races.
Oh and, by the way.....
This years theme is vintage Choppers and bobbers!!!
Get on your bikes and ride!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Smoke Out Video

My navigator and Smoke-out co-pilot, Darren Williams from Liquid Illusions, shot a little video on our trip to Rockingham NC. Lots of footage on Brian Elliott's (Black Sunshine Customs) Smoke off winning chop. Darren killed the paint on it, and Brian builds great canvases to squirt paint on. This makes 4 Chop-off wins for bikes Darren has painted, from 4 different Chopper shops. Pretty Impressive.
 I think he's got more magazine covers than Pamela Anderson.
But I'd still rather wake up next to Pamela.... Sorry Darren.

Monday, July 23, 2012

More Smoke-Out Stuff


At some point....hippie chicks with fire appeared......why not?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Led Sled Customs

The Led Sled convoy showed up at the Smoke-out, and the army deployed bikes and rods all over the show field. All sportsters, all mayhem, all good. These guys party hard! Oh, and, the bike they built for the chop-off was perfect. Low slung, all business and trick as hell. You'll see this in a ton of mags real soon.     


Monday, July 16, 2012


We didn't make it to the Smoke-out last year Lucky for us, last years winning chop-off bike made an appearance this year. What a clean, well executed bike. Dig it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Boston Mikes Wicked Bike

The first night of the Smoke-out ended in a dark cloud hanging over our campsite neighbors. "Boston Mikes" crew lost one and one went to the hospital. As we lay in our tents that first night ,contemplating our own mortality and hoping the end was quick and painless. You realise that this is where we belong. Among our chopper brethren. Our lives we've chosen comes with more risk than other people may be comfortable with. It's these ragged edges we dance on that feeds our souls . In the distance you could here the rumble of motors, the occasional burnout at 3am and, the laughter of long lost friends.

The next morning I awoke to one of the coolest choppers I've seen in ages. The crew from "Boston Mikes" unveiled their Chop-off Bike. Twin front cylinders, wicked paint, tank molded to the frame, handmade snake taillight. I'm sure it will be in a ton of magazines and all over the net but here's a taste.      Condolences to Mike, George and Crew. 

Smoke out pt.2.2

More Random Goodness....

Smoke-out Part 2

The rest of the weekend was pretty much a blur. Here are a few shots of some of the highlights.

This is XS Speeds scoot.... Damn fine.
I'd club a baby seal for those taillights!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Noooo!!!!

Quit calling me!!!! It was a joke . No I'm not gonna toss out a garbage can full of old S&S carbs. And No you can't have 'em......
They, however, may be available for purchase....but we aint givin' em away!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smoke Out

Allrighty kids. It's been a couple weeks since I've posted, but, I've noticed alot of people have been a little slow updating their blogs lately. Could it be that everyone has been thrashing to get ready for either the "Smoke-out" on the East coast Or... the "Born Free" show on the West coast? That's my hunch, and my excuse.
Last Tuesday, Darren from "Liquid Illusions", Zach & Roy from "Pin-up" and myself, left the STL for a few days of riding, hard drinking and homebuilt choppers on the East Coast. Zach and Roy rode the first leg, 7 hours to Nashville Tn. While Darren and I enjoyed the air-conditioned comfort of "The Mothership"
Day two. After finding out that everyone was running late, we decided not to wait,and to head East and meet everyone that night. By everyone I mean, Brian from "Black Sunshine Customs". Grimey From "Stripped Down Cycles", the crew from "Pappa Clutch" and Pat and his crew from "Led Sled Customs", as well as "The Horse Long Road Riders". The initial plan was to convoy into Rockingham with these fun-loving chopper jockies. However as night fall fell onto us, Wednesday Night, in Shady Valley, Tn. Only Black Sunshine, Stripped Down and Jeff Fording (Pat from Led Sleds Brother)joined us and "Long Road Riders" for a pig roast and the first real night of partying.
Day Three started with a nice hangover and a gallon of water. Thanks to The Long Road Riders for the moonshine! Best I've ever had. 180 proof of velvety goodness. Zach took over controls of the mothership and Darren and I fired up "Ol'Blue" and "The Mantis" and took off after the Long Road Riders.

 We soon meet Brian and Grimey at the first gas station, then shortly after, Michael Lichter and his photo convoy rolled by. We jumped in line behind Michael for 30 miles of photo shoot through the mountains. Wish I had photos of the ride but was holding on for dear life. If you ever are lucky enough to get in on a lichter shoot....Don't skip it! Legendary photographer whos probably ridden more miles backwards than anyone foreward! And, a nice guy to boot! Myself and Jeff Fording got separeted from the pack and the two of us hightailed it into Rockingham. Another class guy. Brother, I'd do the miles handlebar to handlebar with you anytime.

 Cheers. To be continued.....

Scrap Metal

Wubbzey told me there was a CV carb around here somewhere...
Rummaging through the trash can of scrap aluminum....
AHHH...There it is.
Someday I'll make it to the recyclers, get rid of some of this junk and make some more room around here....

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day of the welding helmet

Tony's wife painted up a welding helmet for him. Pretty freakin' cool...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bone Shakin

Ol' Helmet has been movin' right along on the "Bone Shaker" bike. Between stops to show us how it used to be done, and then blaming us for losing parts. He keeps on truckin'.
Now if we can keep him outta the topless bars and hooch joints. We might finish this up before summer.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back in the day 2

In the early '70's, Spanky and a few other EFMC rode up to Sioux City, in April, for a little get together. 6 hours later, they emerged from the bar and were greeted with 10" of snow.....And not the good '70's kinda snow either....
Wadda ya' do? Dump the snow outta your helmet. Turn around, go back inside and open another bottle. Oddly enough, I hear, ten years later the same crew rode up in April, to celebrate the "Great Blizzard Run" and Dammit if it didn't dump 8" on 'em again.

Back in the day

This was taken in St. Louis in either '71 or '72 at the Kiel Auditorium Bike Show.
EFMC Representing

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring is in the air

Things are getting a little crazy around the shop. Must be springtime....

Friday, April 27, 2012

More new blood

Picked up this little evo powered, kick only hardtail for a song. I'm gonna thrash it all summer, then cannibal parts off it next fall for a crazy project I have in the works. Hold onto your hats!


The Bone Shakers comin' along

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


These things must be multiplying like bunnys! Every time I turn around Wubbzey comes up with more sets of "Crazy Frank" fenders.
 This Red one is Bad ass! Complete with seat!
We've got a few builds around the shop with Crazy Franks on them allready. No use hoarding 'em, so these are going up for sale. Gotta keep the Electricity on.