first try

first try

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Boston Mikes Wicked Bike

The first night of the Smoke-out ended in a dark cloud hanging over our campsite neighbors. "Boston Mikes" crew lost one and one went to the hospital. As we lay in our tents that first night ,contemplating our own mortality and hoping the end was quick and painless. You realise that this is where we belong. Among our chopper brethren. Our lives we've chosen comes with more risk than other people may be comfortable with. It's these ragged edges we dance on that feeds our souls . In the distance you could here the rumble of motors, the occasional burnout at 3am and, the laughter of long lost friends.

The next morning I awoke to one of the coolest choppers I've seen in ages. The crew from "Boston Mikes" unveiled their Chop-off Bike. Twin front cylinders, wicked paint, tank molded to the frame, handmade snake taillight. I'm sure it will be in a ton of magazines and all over the net but here's a taste.      Condolences to Mike, George and Crew. 

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  1. Man just came across this, thanks for the kind words they Realy do mean alot.
    Boston mike