first try

first try

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted on here. The holidays have been crazy and my regular day job even crazier!!! But, with the holidays over and the madness behind us it's time to get back to FULL-ON CHOPPER MADNESS!!!! We're gonna finish up a bunch of half-way started projects, and make more of an effort to ride with friends this year. We're gonna unleash some cool chopper treasures on ya', and blow some minds! So stay tuned........

Sooo, I found this cool old Bud helmet at a chopper shop last year. Wore it a few times but the lining was trashed. For X-Mas, the wife grabbed the helmet and sent it off to a company called "Hellmutts". She could not stop gushing over how great they were to work with. Quick turnaround, super friendly and more than professional. I, on the other hand, cannot stop talking about the quality of their work. Fantastic! New snaps, straps, trim and not to mention a lining that's a work of art.They even gave the exterior a little buffing. If you need anything done helmet related, I can't recommend them enough....Google 'em!

Hog Ridin' Fools - page 7, 8 & 9

It's been awhile, here's a few.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hog Ridin' Fools - page 4

Old Add

The Butcher dug up this old add/article. Figured we would add it with all the Crazy Frank hoopla goin' on...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tom Fugle

Our man Tony went to a party last Saturday night and it turned into a naked stripper booze fest.
 Wubbzey and I went to the EFMC clubhouse for a halloween party and the legendary Tom Fugle was in attendance.

 Tony said he wished he was at our party. 

Hog Ridin' Fools pg.2

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Heavy Metal

Before water-jet cutters, before laser-jet cutters or plasma cutters or whatever.....guys used oxy acetylene.
And what do you do with a 200lb slab of 1/2 inch thick steel. Well evidently back in the 70's you got stoned, fired up the torch, and cut out a sign for your buddies shop. Once you've cut away about 140lbs of scrap you send it over to the chromer.

Wubbzey dug this outta the back of the shop. Pretty damn cool free hand piece.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hog Riding Fools

We're gonna start a weekly thing here. Hog Riding Fools was a strip published in ZAPP!! comics in the late '60s or early '70s. Looks like "Crumb" got alot of people riding bikes just because they dug the comic strip. Many of those still have the H.R.F.'s tattooed on 'em.

You Sissy

Stole this article from an old Easyrider.

avON SPEEDmaster

Speaking of SPEED. This is a cool shot of the Mantis that Jordan from The Horse Magazine took at Sturgis this year.

 It was posted on The Horse Blog originally and I stole it.

Damn Limey

We finally got our man Tony on a V-Twin, but when were not lookin', he's tearin up the road on his Blue-Eyed-Devil. Check out previous posts to see this award winner. Anyway, as much as we give Tony a hard time about riding a Limey theres no denying them fuckers are FAST.
Wubbzey kept this magazine spread and recalls it as one of the fastest bikes he ever saw during his racing days.

And, if we know anything about Wubbzey...Wubbzey likes SPEED!

Birds-Eye View

 Allright kids, this here is the story passed down to me by the elders. Right or wrong, this is how I heard it and have no reason to dispute it.....
About '76 or '77 a MC out of the upper midwest was running a wicked fast dragbike and consistantly destroying rear wheels. A guy outta Illinois, by the name of BIRD, says, "I can fix that". So he machines the hubs of solid drag car wheels to adapt bearings and fit on bikes.   BAM!   problem solved.
 In about '77, Wubbzey, who's an old friend of Birds, says "I wanna run one of those on my street bike and start selling them to bike builders around the St. Louis area".
 Later in that summer, at a bike rally in Wisconson. Willie G. approaches Wubbzey's bike and inquires about the solid rear wheel, saying he really digs the look and how did Wubbzey do it. Wubbzey points over at Bird, who's also in attendance, and says "he machines the hubs to make it all work".
Willie G. wanders off, and in 1980, H-D comes out with a cast version of  a solid rear wheel. Bird never got a dime.

This is an early article about one of Birds bikes, check out the verticle oil tank also. Webbsey and Bird are still friends and Willie G. is still snooping around chopper builders, doin' what Willie G. does....

More Old Rides

While Webbzey was looking through old pics he came across this shot of one of his old  Knuckleheads.

Sioux City Original

Original EFMC Sioux City scoot.

This isn't period correct, It's CORRECT.... period!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Original Crazy Frank

There's been alot of hoopla over the "Crazy Frank" fender as of late.
This shot of Frank was scanned from an old mag....

If this doesn't get your chopper blood flowing. See a doctor Immediately!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boneshakers boneshaker

Ol' Helmet just finished buttoning up the powerplant for that "Boneshaker" bike we showed you a few posts ago. It will be topped with that Linkert carb in the foreground.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, we found Helmet. Aimlessly wandering the streets of East St. Louis. He was mumbleing something about moonshine, strippers, and little blue boner pills. We've got him locked up again in the back room. Told him, no more pole dancers until he rebuilds 5 more panheads that are layin' around. The bars on the windows around here ain't for keeping people out... they're for keeping Helmet in.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Comic Teaser

Just a little taste of some classic stuff from the past......

 coming in the near future.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Davenport Part 2

Soooo..... a few posts back I gave you a few shots of some cool vintage bikes from the Davenport swap meet. Well not only was there alot of cool iron in abundance, Wubbzey came across a grouping of bikes that brought him back to his youth. Upon further investigation, It was the HEAVY / SHOW CLASS mag. crew outta  Minn. and their propper choppers.

Wubbzey must of had a really good time hanging with Zach and company, 'cause when he got home he wanted to chop everything in sight. He must of had ideas for five different bikes to build. I havn't seen him stoked like that in a while. Old blood teaching young blood and young blood inspiring old blood.

We're gonna have to get a ride together with these dudes next year.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Too Legit To Quit

Back in the 80's "Jonny Legit" built this wicked ride. Jonny's not with us anymore, but his scoot still is. We're gonna put it back together and keep it around as a shop bike. Even "The Butcher" says, there are some things that you don't cut up.
Check out the molded frame, diamond plate oil tank/air dam, prism gas tank and the super rare, angular, Crazy Frank fender!

"We Don't follow trends....we make 'em"
Jonny Legit       EFMC


After a  couple hours wrestling with a wire wheel. Sucking up aircraft stripper fumes. Cussing and complaining. Tony found a revolutionary way to remove old enamel paint from a gas tank painted in the 70's.....

Don't try this at home......Or anywhere else for that matter. Not without proper safety equipment and a case of Stag beer.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Our man Tony sat down with a Hanes Beefy T, a Sharpie and a 6 pack of Stag and created this stylish clothing line. The height of fashion and comfort. You too could own a TonyStone original for only $10 plus shipping and handling. Shirts are individually done and no two are alike. They come complete with oil and grease stains and have that genuine "Tony" musk..... Don't be a pussy, look and smell like a real man.  
contact us for availability...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Far East

Some say the Japs are ahead of the curve/trends in the chopper world right now. Tony found this shot, takin at a Tokyo bike show.............. I say they're just starting to figure out what its all about..... De-Rake - STL style!
now put a chain on it and ride.............if you can see over the tank.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Davenport part 1

Wubbzey and I were both in Davenport. He was just arriving as I was leaving (I had a prior engagement on Sat. I couldn't get out of). However, we both had an amazing time. Next year we're both goin' for the full weekend. Too much fun, too much cool stuff and too many cool people to not make it back. Put it on your calendar as a "not-to-miss" event. This is just a sample of some treasures, more to come....

Beauty and the beastly

Our buddy Hammer shows up with this slick wishbone frame wrapped up like some secret treasure. It's freshly coated in a deep, beautiful blue. Molded and georgous. Wubbzey says were gonna put this back together for an old friend of his. Pan motor, springer.....This is gonna be one great looking "BONESHAKER."  

they don't call him the butcher for nothin'...
We bring in one beautiful bike to assemble and Wubbzey shows up with an old, pan shovel to tear apart.
Almost brings a tear to your eye......


Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Ross Sisters

OK......since we're posting videos. And I havn't included any hot chicks lately. Here's a little gem for ya'...
...starts gettin' freaky at about 2:20

Liquid Illusions

Check this out. Our friend Darren Williams, from Liquid Illusions shot this at a show here in the STL. Check his shit out....another uber-talented dude. 

Where's our Helmet

Our resident old-timer, Helmet, has gone missing. This is the only photo I've got (he's on the left). This was taken in the mid 60"s...


Blue Eyed Devil - Version 2.0

Our man Tony blasted up to Chicago last weekend to dodge potholes and split lanes with the Bravetown crew. There's something about pipes echoing off skyscrapers that can't be beat. Anyway, he's such a nice gentleman, he fabbed up a longer fender, added a bitch seat  and a sissy bar, just to haul his ol' lady around the Windy City. He's such a nice guy, and, she's a gem of a gal to hump that fender without complaint.

 Heres a couple completed shots and a video our man Rich Phillips shot one night while Tony was contemplating the necessity of actually running a brake light. Enjoy the soundtrack. That's Tony singing and playin' guitar in his band "SparkThugs" on the video soundtrack.