first try

first try

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Davenport Part 2

Soooo..... a few posts back I gave you a few shots of some cool vintage bikes from the Davenport swap meet. Well not only was there alot of cool iron in abundance, Wubbzey came across a grouping of bikes that brought him back to his youth. Upon further investigation, It was the HEAVY / SHOW CLASS mag. crew outta  Minn. and their propper choppers.

Wubbzey must of had a really good time hanging with Zach and company, 'cause when he got home he wanted to chop everything in sight. He must of had ideas for five different bikes to build. I havn't seen him stoked like that in a while. Old blood teaching young blood and young blood inspiring old blood.

We're gonna have to get a ride together with these dudes next year.

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