first try

first try

Monday, August 27, 2012

Smoke Out 13 Winner!!!

Ok.... I've been holding onto some pics of Brian's bike until it made the magazine stands. Purely out of respect..... well low and behold it pops up on "The Horse Backstreet Choppers" blog site. I guess it's fair game now. Their pics are far better than my camera phone shots I took at the Smoke-Out, so I'm freely admitting I borrowed these two from The Horse. That said... Brian built a super wicked bike and took home the Chop-Off trophy.

 As cool as that was....Just hanging out for 3 days with Brian and his wife was even better. Class guy and a walking party.    Man whatta weekend!


Darren Williams (Liquid Illusions) on the left and Brian Elliott (Black Sunshine Customs) on the right..... Lovely couple 'eh.       They make beautiful music together!      Cheers fellas!!!

Davenport, Iowa

We're riding up on Wed. night to the coolest swap meet going! If you havn't owe it to yourself. Starts thurs. morning. Early bird gets the worm.....bla, bla, bla.... The second rat gets the cheese!!!! Anyway....Stop by and say high at the "ROADWORTHY" tent. I'm sure we'll  have something you cannot live without.     Friday night are the vintage races.
Oh and, by the way.....
This years theme is vintage Choppers and bobbers!!!
Get on your bikes and ride!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Smoke Out Video

My navigator and Smoke-out co-pilot, Darren Williams from Liquid Illusions, shot a little video on our trip to Rockingham NC. Lots of footage on Brian Elliott's (Black Sunshine Customs) Smoke off winning chop. Darren killed the paint on it, and Brian builds great canvases to squirt paint on. This makes 4 Chop-off wins for bikes Darren has painted, from 4 different Chopper shops. Pretty Impressive.
 I think he's got more magazine covers than Pamela Anderson.
But I'd still rather wake up next to Pamela.... Sorry Darren.