first try

first try

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blue Eyed Devil - Version 2.0

Our man Tony blasted up to Chicago last weekend to dodge potholes and split lanes with the Bravetown crew. There's something about pipes echoing off skyscrapers that can't be beat. Anyway, he's such a nice gentleman, he fabbed up a longer fender, added a bitch seat  and a sissy bar, just to haul his ol' lady around the Windy City. He's such a nice guy, and, she's a gem of a gal to hump that fender without complaint.

 Heres a couple completed shots and a video our man Rich Phillips shot one night while Tony was contemplating the necessity of actually running a brake light. Enjoy the soundtrack. That's Tony singing and playin' guitar in his band "SparkThugs" on the video soundtrack. 

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