first try

first try

Saturday, September 10, 2011


It's been a whirlwind of a summer.It's about time to get out the leather. You can smell fall in the air...Ok, maybe that's weed. 

Anyway.... The Slaying Mantis is finally finished. It's got a couple thousand miles on it now and running better than ever. Got a write up in the local rag "Biking Life", nice little article. Was a winner at "The Horse - Backstreet Choppers" show in Sturgis. Jordan shot a few pics for the rag. Should be on newsstands soon. Big thanks to George The Painter. Cool dude with a rightous shovel, and he rides the piss outta that guy.

GTP's Shovel
 Also thanks go out to Millwaukee Mike from "Cycle Source" magazine. met him in Sturgis as well and we later got together up in Davenport Ia. He shot the Mantis for a feature in Cycle Source. Don't know when that one's coming out but you'll be the first to know if you're following this blog. Here's some shots in its travel attire.

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