first try

first try

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smoke Out

Allrighty kids. It's been a couple weeks since I've posted, but, I've noticed alot of people have been a little slow updating their blogs lately. Could it be that everyone has been thrashing to get ready for either the "Smoke-out" on the East coast Or... the "Born Free" show on the West coast? That's my hunch, and my excuse.
Last Tuesday, Darren from "Liquid Illusions", Zach & Roy from "Pin-up" and myself, left the STL for a few days of riding, hard drinking and homebuilt choppers on the East Coast. Zach and Roy rode the first leg, 7 hours to Nashville Tn. While Darren and I enjoyed the air-conditioned comfort of "The Mothership"
Day two. After finding out that everyone was running late, we decided not to wait,and to head East and meet everyone that night. By everyone I mean, Brian from "Black Sunshine Customs". Grimey From "Stripped Down Cycles", the crew from "Pappa Clutch" and Pat and his crew from "Led Sled Customs", as well as "The Horse Long Road Riders". The initial plan was to convoy into Rockingham with these fun-loving chopper jockies. However as night fall fell onto us, Wednesday Night, in Shady Valley, Tn. Only Black Sunshine, Stripped Down and Jeff Fording (Pat from Led Sleds Brother)joined us and "Long Road Riders" for a pig roast and the first real night of partying.
Day Three started with a nice hangover and a gallon of water. Thanks to The Long Road Riders for the moonshine! Best I've ever had. 180 proof of velvety goodness. Zach took over controls of the mothership and Darren and I fired up "Ol'Blue" and "The Mantis" and took off after the Long Road Riders.

 We soon meet Brian and Grimey at the first gas station, then shortly after, Michael Lichter and his photo convoy rolled by. We jumped in line behind Michael for 30 miles of photo shoot through the mountains. Wish I had photos of the ride but was holding on for dear life. If you ever are lucky enough to get in on a lichter shoot....Don't skip it! Legendary photographer whos probably ridden more miles backwards than anyone foreward! And, a nice guy to boot! Myself and Jeff Fording got separeted from the pack and the two of us hightailed it into Rockingham. Another class guy. Brother, I'd do the miles handlebar to handlebar with you anytime.

 Cheers. To be continued.....

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