first try

first try

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are you kiddin' me?

Once in a while Wubbzey comes out of the vault with some dusty treasure. Apparently the Dick Allen mag wheel goin' on the rear of the D-raker caused quite a stir. So Wubbzey went diggin' through the piles of parts and came out of the darkness with a matching set of 'em! 

And.... He was mumbling something 'bout having yet another set around somewhere, as well as outlandish claims of a whole DICK ALLEN BIKE!!! 
Time will tell...some say he's "loco"...

They said the same thing 'bout Van Gogh.
OK...well maybe that's a bad example, Van Gogh really was fuckin' nuts....
But these wheels are BAD ASS!

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